Cat Crib: An Under Chair Cat Hammock

Date Published: 07/25/2018 8:15 AM (Updated: 01/23/2019 12:50 PM)

Cat Crib: An Under Chair Cat Hammock Enlarge Image

Pet beds are ugly, and they waste a ton of space! If only there were a way to use already wasted space to give your kitty a nice cozy spot to sleep. The Cat Crib does just that! It's a small little fabric that attaches right under most chairs, and is perfect for people who hate leaving a cat bed around the house. Plus, if you do already have a cat bed, chances are they don't use, and instead sleep in the box that it came in.

The under chair cat hammock easily attaches in seconds by attaching it to each leg of the chair using the four straps attached to the hammock. It's unique design allows it to stay up on the chairs legs and not slide down, allowing your cat to sit up in the air like a real hammock.

Under Chair Cat Hammock

Check out the under chair cat hammock in action via the video below.

Under Chair Cat Hammock

Under Chair Cat Hammock

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