Tinder Solar Powered Fire Starter

Date Published: 02/05/2014 3:18 AM

Tinder Solar Powered Fire Starter Enlarge Image

If rubbing a stick together for 3 hours is too much work for you to start a fire, and you forgot your lighter and matches at home, lets hope you remembered to bring your Tinder Solar fire starter. The Tinder Hot Box is a solar powered fire starter that lets you place a piece of tinder on top of the tinder arm located in the center of the box and all of the solar energy captured by the device will be focused on a singular point on the tinder and will ignite into flames within seconds. The Tinder Hot Box has an air/wind/water tight seal using an o-ring so that you can store your tinder in the box until you need to use it, it's great for use with dry leaves, or shredded bark, weighs just 4oz, and measures 2.6 inches in diameter, and 0.72 inches thick. Check out the Tinder Solar Lens Fire Starter in action via the video below.

Tinder Hot Box Solar Lens Tinder Hot Box Solar Lens Tinder Hot Box Solar Lens Tinder Hot Box Solar Lens

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