Time Out Sand Timer Stool

Date Published: 08/28/2017 11:54 AM (Updated: 01/25/2018 12:22 PM)

Time Out Sand Timer Stool

Instead of banishing your children to the time-out corner and having your kids ask you if their time-out is done yet every 20 seconds, why not try out the Time Out Sand Timer Stool. The time out stool is a stool that has a sand timer built right into it with sand that will last for about 5 minutes, which as far as I know, is the standard time for a time out.

Colors: Blue | White

Essentially a giant sand timer made into a stool, the time-out sand timer couldn't be easier to use. Just flip the stool over, and make your child sit on it until the sand timer runs out. This way they won't have to ask you if their time out is done, as they'll be able to just look down, and see whether their time is up yet.

Time Out Sand Timer Stool

The time out sand timer stool is made from sturdy mango wood, has a classic vintage design to it, comes in blue or white colors to choose from, and has a max weight of 150 lbs.

Time Out Sand Timer Stool 1

Time Out Sand Timer Stool 2

Time Out Sand Timer Stool 3

Time Out Sand Timer Stool 4

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