Thor's Hammer Nightlight

Date Published: 06/28/2013 2:01 AM

Thor's Hammer Nightlight Enlarge Image

Did Thor himself just smash his hammer through your wall? No you silly goose, that's just a night light. Isn't there something ironic about a nightlight being as bad-ass and manly as Thor's Hammer? That's why I keep a My Little Pony night light on at all times in my bedroom, I don't act tough, I don't look tough, you shouldn't think I'm tough because, look at my nightlight. You can't hang something so bad-ass on your wall and then be afraid of monsters in your closet, Thor's hammer won't protect you from them... but my little pony will. Check out the video below to see the Hammer Night light in action.

Thor's Hammer Night Light 1 Thor's Hammer Night Light 2

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