Swiss Army Ring

Date Published: 08/05/2013 2:01 PM

Swiss Army Ring Enlarge Image

The multi-functional swiss army ring is a unique titanium utility ring that lets you carry a set of tools right on your finger, which are so tiny, and would most likely be very hard to get an edge on, that you will probably never use, but hey, at least it's cool to show off to friends and strangers... The swiss army ring has 5 flip up hidden tools within the ring, including a bottle opener, a straight blade (for cutting tape, fishing line, etc...), a serated blade for cutting tougher things, a saw, and a comb (most likely for mustaches, eyebrows, and back hair).

The Man Ring is handmade from aerospace grade titanium, contemporary metals, metal, 6al4v, and is made to order using your exact ring size. Warning: You will be tazed, arrested, and considered a terrorist if the swiss army ring is worn on to a plane.

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