Swing Table

By Ryan on 08/25/2013 8:06 AM

Swing Table

The swing table is a large conference table that uses swings as the chairs. Great for conference rooms, meeting rooms, or board rooms, the swing table will give your employees a bit of enjoyment in between the hours of slave labor you put them through. Hopefully the swing table will help in awakening the zombie like shell of a human that you once called your employee, and put a little life back in to their dronius daily tasks so that they can get through their day without one single thought of suicide. Let your employees swing around a bit before they go back to their hauntingly dull life, where the walls are white, the carpet is brown, and their self pride is no where to be found.

The swing table features a hanging table made of walnut, a hanging geo lampshade, and 8 hanging chairs, all held together with a four-poster frame. The swing table is made from walnut wood, powder coated mild steel, and is sure to make the process of vacuuming your conference room suck a little bit less. Also available are a 4 person swing table, and an 8 person swing table.

Swing Table 1 Swing Table 2 Swing Table 3 Swing Table 4 Swing Table 5

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