Star Wars Death Star Waffle Iron

Date Published: 11/04/2015 3:22 AM

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Iron Enlarge Image

Much like how the Darth Vader oven mitt could be used to lure hungry Jedi's over to the dark side by cooking them yummy chocolate chip cookies, this Death Star waffle iron could be used to do the same thing using delicious Death Star shaped waffles. The perfect gift idea for any Star Wars loving waffle muncher, the Death Star Waffle Iron will go perfectly along-side your Darth Vader Toaster. Does it bother anyone else how Star Wars has pretty much become the Krusty The Clown of product endorsements? There probably isn't a single category of products that you can't find a Star Wars theme twisted into it. Who can find me some Star Wars themed denture cleanser?
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The Death Star waffle iron is officially licensed from Disney, is made from stainless steel with a coated non-stick waffle plate, and has a regulating thermostat along with a dual set of indicator lights that tell you when it's on and ready. The Death Star waffle iron measures 8 inches wide x 10 inches long, has 5 different temperature settings depending on how well done you like your Death Star waffles, and will make waffles that will measures approximately 8 inches in diameter.

Click here for ThinkGeek's version of the Death Star waffle iron, which you can see in the pictures below.

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