Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

Date Published: 12/13/2013 6:15 AM

Stainless Steel Wine Glasses Enlarge Image

The stainless steel wine glasses are probably the manliest way you could drink wine, seeing how everytime you hold a regular wine glass someone calls you a weakling and makes fun of how much you enjoy the show Frasier. The steel wine glasses are stemless and a lot shorter than your average wine glass so that you can set them down on a table and not worry about knocking them over with your man boobs, and are great for drinking wine outdoors without having to worry about breaking wine glasses while doing all of your manly outdoor activities. The stainless steel wine cups come in a set of two, help keep white wine chilled longer than glass or crystal, do not cause condensation, and will hold up to 18oz of that sweet sweet boxed wine you purchased at Walmart.

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