Spinning Top Cognac Glasses

Date Published: 07/23/2013 6:01 AM

Spinning Top Cognac Glasses Enlarge Image

The spinning top cognac glasses are a set of glasses where the bottom of the glass is shaped as a top and when you set it down it will spin around, releasing that sweet sweet aroma of your cognac. The spinning top glasses are probably the classiest way to drink your cognac, and if ever you were to put coke, fruit punch, or heaven forbid vodka in this glass or any other liquid that is not cognac, you will be barred from using the glasses again and will be asked to kindly return to sender. The spinning top glasses come in a set of 2, are 11cm in diameter, hold 0,52cl of liquid, and are dishwasher safe but are recommended that hand wash. Check out the spinning top cognac glasses in action in the video below.

Spinning Top Cognac Glasses 1 Spinning Top Cognac Glasses 2

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