Slipperlands Are Timblerland Boots In Slipper Form

By Ryan on 07/31/2015 8:57 AM

Slipperlands Are Timblerland Boots In Slipper Form

Sometimes it's hard to slip out of your Timberland's when you walk inside, not just because it takes a while to unlace them, but because they just look so damn good on you. Luckily you're feet won't have to be bare for long as you can slip right back into them when you get home, albeit, in slipper form. Although you'll look just slightly less baller in your Timblerand slippers, the Slipperlands are made to look just like the classic outdoor boots made by Timberland. Perfect for when you want to feel all warm and snuggly inside, yet still keep a hint of manliness nearby while you and your wife are watching the Notebook under a blanket while eating popcorn.

The Timberland slippers are made from 100% polyester, use actual real boot shoes laces, should not be washed and should cleaned only with a damp sponge, and each boot slipper measures approximately 11.4 inches long x 4.4 inches deep x 5.9 inches tall. The Timberland slippers will fit a men's size ranging from 7.5 to 10.5.

Slipperlands - Timblerland boot slippers

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