Shadow Clock

Date Published: 08/13/2013 10:01 AM

Shadow Clock Enlarge Image

The shadow clock is a clock that has no hands, but instead has many lights that surround the clock that turn on in intervals and shine on a center piece that casts three different shadows with different lengths onto the face of the clock, representing the hour hand, minute hand, and second hand. The shadow clock is among the types of clocks that appeal to "those" types of people that just simply can't tell time normally like the average folk, but instead strive to make the art of telling time more and more and more and more and more difficult. The Shadow Clock (BulbDial Clock) is a DIY kit, which you get the parts of the clock shipped to you, and have the terrible task of trying to put it together yourself. Check out the shadow clock in action via the video below.

Shadow Clock 1 Shadow Clock 2 Shadow Clock 3 Shadow Clock 4 Shadow Clock 5

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