Sea Window: A Floating Snorkeling Window

By Ryan on 07/20/2015 3:00 AM

Sea Window: A Floating Snorkeling Window

The sea window is essentially a pool float that has a window in the middle of it so that you can look down and see what's under you, and is perfect for kids or old grannies who don't want to actually get their hair wet, don't know how to snorkel, or are too afraid of the deep dark sea to stick their head into it. The floating window not only keeps you afloat so you don't have to do any work, but it also gives you a glimpse of all the scary shit that's happening below you, granted you're not going to see much in a pool besides a few kids peeing, so for best sights you'll want to use it in the ocean. For a better view, fill the window up with a little bit of water and it will give you a sharper and magnified view of the sea.

The floating snorkeling window eliminates the discomfort and problems associated with using a snorkeling mask, can be used with regular glasses or sunglasses, uses a double layered window that offers 25% magnification of the water below, and when fully inflated the floating snorkeling window measures 14 inches wide x 14 inches long.

Floating Snorkeling Window

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