Robot Slippers With Sound

Date Published: 04/28/2014 5:40 AM

Robot Slippers With Sound Enlarge Image

The robot slippers are giant bootie style slippers that make robot sounds every time you take a step, and is sure to piss off your wife while putting a smile on your face every time you get up to get a beer. The robot slippers make sounds such as "vrrrrrr", "clank", and so on, and if you so desire you may turn the sounds off using an on/off switch but is not recommended. The giant robot slippers with sound are powered by 4 AA batteries which are not included, has an interior foot measurement of 13 inches x 8 inches wide, and will fit most normal sized human feet (up to around a mens 12, and a ladies 14). Check out the robot slippers in action via the video below.

Robot Slippers With Sound Robot Slippers With Sound

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