Revolver Cylinder Shot Glass

Date Published: 06/03/2014 6:36 AM

Revolver Cylinder Shot Glass Enlarge Image

The revolver cylinder shot glasses are shot glasses that look just like a revolver's cylinder and are great for getting drunk while shooting guns. Out shooting cans, squirrels, goats, or humans in the great outdoors? Why not throw back a few shots of whiskey to get that perfect aim, and what better way to consume those shots than in a cylinder of a revolver. Made from machined raw aluminum these revolver shot glasses are prefect to get your redneck party started, then after that you can move on to the pickup truck bed pool, the toilet seat toss, and the overall fashion contest. The revolver cylinder shot glasses are made from lightweight aluminum, weigh 48 grams each, and measure 4 cm x 5 cm in size.

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