This Prank Candle Smells Like Apple Pie Then Turns Into a Dirty Fart

By Ryan on 04/02/2015 5:02 AM (Updated: 02/12/2019 12:53 PM)

This Prank Candle Smells Like Apple Pie Then Turns Into a Dirty Fart

There was always something quite satisfying about dropping a stink bomb in the middle of a large crowd. To just sit back and watch the crowd disperse in disgust as their nostrils become slowly filled with a wretched stench so foul the hairs in their nose start to burn off. This prank candle allows you to give it as a gift so that they can light up a candle before they take a nice bath, and as soon as they slither into the tub, get nice a cozy, and start reading a few pages of their romance novel, the stench of a dirty fart begins to sink in. They then will have to make the decision to cancel their bath, or live with the wretched aroma that's blanketed the bathroom in a grotesque fog.

Created by WTF Candles, a candle maker that specializes in prank candles, the apple pie to fart candle is one of many, with others such as the baby powder to baby diaper candle, the clean laundry to sweaty gym socks candle, the coffee to stinky breath candle, or the fresh forest pine to skunk ass candle. How it works is you send the candle anonymously, and after 60 days they will send them a follow up postcard mentioning that it was a prank candle.

Prank candle smells like baby powder turns into a dirty diaper

The prank candles contain 25% of the good smelling part of the candle and 75% of the terrible smelling part of the candle so within 3-4 hours the smell will begin to turn, and after 8-10 hours it will be full on stanky. The prank candles will burn for up to 40 hours and each one holds 4oz of wax.

Prank candle smells like clean laundry turns into dirty gym socks

Prank candle smells like coffee turns into stinky breath

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