The Pocket Bellows Helps You Blow On Fires From A Distance

Date Published: 10/13/2015 2:01 AM

The Pocket Bellows Helps You Blow On Fires From A Distance Enlarge Image

The Pocket Bellows is a device that helps you blow on a fire to get it started, and is an alternative to getting on your hands and knees, getting 3 inches away from the beginning sparks of the fire, and blowing your little heart out until the flames begin to grow. The Pocket Bellow is a long telescoping straw like device that allows you to get a harder air flow when blowing the fire, plus it allows you to blow the fire from further away. The device is actually designed after an ancient fire-starting technology, but instead of what was probably made from clay and was probably massive, heavy, and wide like a didgeridoo, the Pocket Bellow is made from modern materials, is super compact, and easily fits in your pocket when not in use.

No longer will you have to burn your beard hair off every time you want to go Survivorman and start your own fire without a gallon of gasoline by your side, the pocket bellow is made from metal, and feels like a TV antenna. To use it, simply extend it, place the end of it near the sparks sparks/flame your trying to grow, and blow into the other end of it. This process compresses and focuses the extra oxygen into the heart of the fire.

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The Pocket Bellow measures just 3.5 inches when completely folded up, when fully extended, the device measures 20 inches long, and is a pretty small and inexpensive item to throw into your camping gear to use just in case you can't get that fire started.

- via GearJunkie

Pocket Bellows - Metal Tube Fire Starter
[Photo Source:  GearJunkie]

Check out the Pocket Bellows metal tube fire starter in action via the video below.

Pocket Bellows - Metal Tube Fire Starter
[Photo Source: GearJunkie]

Pocket Bellows - Metal Tube Fire Starter

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