Pixelated Censorship Towel

Date Published: 01/20/2014 3:32 AM

Pixelated Censorship Towel Enlarge Image

The censorship towel is a towel that makes it look like your body is being pixelated and censored as if you are on American TV. If you are watching Japanese television you could see full penetration as long you just blur out the penis... but heaven forbid if a female nipple makes an appearance on American TV, well as long as you pay extra for channels then it's ok for you and your children to see some boobs I guess... The pixelated censorship towel was an art project from the Carmichael Collective, a creative company based out of Minneapolis MN, so it's just a concept for now, but if anyone had any sense in their head they would create a Kickstarter campaign so that I can purchase one of these.

Censorship Towel Censorship Towel Censorship Towel

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