Incredible Cutting Board Work Bench With Drawers and Tablet Holder

By Ryan on 02/05/2019 12:43 PM (Updated: 12/16/2019 1:46 PM)

Incredible Cutting Board Work Bench With Drawers and Tablet Holder

If you live in a house with a tiny kitchen, or just like to keep extra organized, this unique cutting board work bench might be for you. It's called the Phoenix-S by Frankfurter-Brett, and it has practically everything you'll need to quickly and efficiently prepare your ingredients for cooking.

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The cutting board work bench is a bamboo cutting board that's surrounded by trays and containers to help take out, discard, and organize your ingredients with very little effort. There's even an optional mount that you can attach to the cutting board to hold a tablet or smart phone to easily read recipes and instructions as you prepare your meal.

The Phoenix-S cutting board has integrated brackets that slide in and out of the wood where you can place a container for either keeping the good stuff, or to discard your scraps.  Brackets also come out of the top of the cutting board that point up where you can place your ingredients before they're cut to easily access them.

To use it, just place the cutting board work bench on an edge or corner of your counter and let the containers hang off the edge. When you're slicing and dicing your onions or peppers, just push the good stuff into one container, and push your scraps into the other. You can then pop the containers in and out for each ingredient or mix them all together in one if it doesn't matter.

The unique cutting board work bench is fully customizable down to the wood, steel brackets, the containers, and you can even engrave it with a name, company name, or anything else.

Check out the Frankfurter-Brett Phoenix-S cutting board work bench in action via the video below.

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