oPhone Lets You Send Smells Digitally To Your Friends

Date Published: 06/17/2014 4:27 AM

oPhone Lets You Send Smells Digitally To Your Friends Enlarge Image

The oPhone lets you digitally send aromas to your friends through your phone. Just download their free app called oSnap, take a picture of your food, select the ingredients it was made with, and the smell will be created for your friend using there oPhone DUO, a device with two smelling tubes on the top of it that can create over 300,000 unique smells. Whether you just grilled up a delicious cheeseburger and want your friends to be jealous of your sweet cheesy goodness, you just baked a fresh pie and want to show your friends what their missing, or you just farted after a meal at Chipotle and want to send a sample of it to your brother, the oPhone is perfect for any smell delivery needs you may have. The oPhone is currently still in a funding phase on IndieGoGo and is set to be available to you in April 2015. Whether the smellonator will ever come to fruition or ever be something needed or used by society is a question that has stumped mankind for ages, only time will tell. Check out the oPhone in action via the video below.

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