NES Cartridge Secret Drinking Flask

Date Published: 11/24/2014 3:15 AM

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Perfect for the boozing gamer, the NES cartridge flask is a flask that is made to look just like an old school Nintendo game cartridge. The game cartridge flasks went through a successful Kickstarter campaign back in November of 2013, and are now fully selling them on their website. The Nintendo cartridge flasks comes in an assortment of labels that take a drinking themed parody of classic Nintendo games, including: Drunk Hunt, Super Bar-Hop Bros, Castle Vodka, Legend of Drink, Spike Dyson's Pass Out, Kegaman, Tetriquilla, and more. You can purchase the game flasks individually, or purchase a collectors pack which includes 5 cartridge flasks at a discounted price. The NES cartridge flasks are made using a plastic mold, has a water tight cap that looks to blend in with the cartridge, and are the same size as an actual NES game cartridge.

NES Cartridge Flask

NES Cartridge Flask

NES Cartridge Flask

Castle Vodka NES Cartridge Flask

Drunk Hunt NES Cartridge Flask

Super Bar Hop Bros NES Cartridge Flask

Castle Vodka NES Cartridge Flask

Metal Beer NES Cartridge Flask

The Legend Of Drink NES Cartridge Flask

Fine Ale Fantasy NES Cartridge Flask

Kegaman NES Cartridge Flask

Tetriquila NES Cartridge Flask

Spike Dyson's Pass Out NES Cartridge Flask

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