Monster Slippers: Monster Footstep Sounds With Each Step You Take

By Ryan on 10/13/2015 4:23 AM

Monster Slippers: Monster Footstep Sounds With Each Step You Take

Much like how the Robot Slippers we featured a few months back made robot sounds with each step you took, the new Monster Slippers make monster footsteps with each step you take. Not only will the monster slippers keep your tootsies nice, warm, and toasty, make awesome robot sounds, and make you more of a man because you're wearing them, but they will also annoy anyone around you wherever you're walking. Once your wife or girlfriend starts to complain about the obnoxious noises coming from your slippers, you will then have a perfect way to aggravate her when you're losing an argument, or she just took a jab at your Iced Tea with Ice Cubes t-shirt.

Designed, created, and sold exclusively at ThinkGeek, the Monster Slippers with sound makes noises such as, "Crash Crash", and so on, and will most certainly gain the attention of the room as you enter it. Although you can always turn the sound switch off if you'd rather creep around your house like a ninja monster, but who would want to do that?

Monster Slippers With Sound

The Monster Slippers with sound are made from 100% polyester, have no-slip dots on the bottom fabric of the slippers, are one-size fits most adult human feet, are powered by 4 AA batteries (2 for each slipper) (which are not included), and has an interior foot area of 13 inches long x 8 inches wide.

Since ThinkGeek doesn't have a video available for the Monster Slippers yet, check out the video for the Robot Slippers with sounds below, which is the same concept, just robot sounds instead of monster sounds.

Update: The video has arrived, enjoy it in all of it's glory below:

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