Collar Perfect: A Mini Travel Iron That's Perfect For Getting Collars

By Ryan on 10/11/2016 4:44 AM (Updated: 08/21/2017 1:17 PM)

Collar Perfect: A Mini Travel Iron That's Perfect For Getting Collars

The Collar Perfect is a mini travel iron that you can easily fit inside a travel bag to iron your clothing while on the road. The dual-purpose iron supports folding the edges all the way over to easily iron collars and cuffs with a press, while also allowing you to use it as a full iron by folding the iron flat. A perfect gift idea for frequent travelers, the mini iron has a very compact design and can be easily used for quick touch-ups and hard to reach ironing places.

The mini travel iron can be used with 5 adjustable temperature settings, as well as international power support so that it will work no matter what country you're in.

The mini iron has convertible wings that are able to fold flat when you need more than quick touch up and will offer a full iron for use on your wrinkly clothing, meanwhile the clamping action of the iron is great of those hard to iron areas like collars, cuffs, between buttons, creases, pockets, etc.

The Collar Perfect was originally funded on with a successful Kickstarter campaign where they raised over $40,000 to help bring the product to fruition. Now the mini iron is fully for sale on their website as well as other places like Amazon.

Check out the mini travel iron in action via the video below.

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