Mini Pillow Cushion Ring

Date Published: 08/23/2013 10:02 AM

Mini Pillow Cushion Ring Enlarge Image

The Pilo-Pilo mini pillow ring is a ring with a small cushion attached to it that you can wear while you're contemplating life, daydreaming, or taking a mid-afternoon nap at your desk. The small cushion attached to the ring will help support your fat head while you rest it on your knuckles. No longer will you have to wake up with fist marks on the side of your head, and large amounts of face grease on your hand, the mini pillow ring will support your head, and give your fist some cushion while propping up your face. The mini pillow ring comes in a plethora of different patterns and colors, and you can customize the finger size of the cushion ring to your liking.

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