Hand Powered Manual Snow Blower Shovel

Date Published: 02/16/2016 6:38 AM (Updated: 11/15/2016 4:50 PM)

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Snowblowers can get quite expensive. I bought mine for like $700 and use it probably 4 times a year. Granted my half-mile long driveway used to take 3 hours to shovel by hand, and now it takes about 10 minutes to snow blow it, so I'd say it's worth it. For those that aren't looking to shell out hundreds of dollars for a snowblower, and that still enjoy a bit of exercise while they remove snow from their driveway, but want to make it a bit easier on themselves, this hand powered manual snow blower shovel might do the trick.

The snow blower shovel uses no gas or electricity and is equipped with a snowblower auger on it that auto-rotate as you push the shovel along the ground and then pushes the snow to the side of the shovel as you walk.

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Certainly not the end-all solution to shoveling snow, but it will sure make it easier and more efficient than shoveling. My only worry is that the further you get along, the more snow is going to start piling up and will start making it harder and harder to get through. But I guess it still beats a shovel.

Hand Powered Manual Snow Blower Shovel (Einhell MSF 570)

The manual hand powered snow blower shovel is made using sturdy, weatherproof, and unbreakable plastic, has a double handle for a more comfortable grip which also folds down for easy storage, and is very lightweight and easy to use. The blade and auger on the shovel are constructed from durable, impact and corrosion resistant plastic, and the handlebar is made from powder-coated metal that has an ergonomic plastic grip.

Hand Powered Manual Snow Blower Shovel (Einhell MSF 570)

Unfortunately it seems the Einhell MSF 570 manual snow blower shovel is only sold in Europe, so you're in luck if you're from there, but if not you can try your luck on Ebay.

Check out the manual snow blower shovel in action via the video below.

Hand Powered Manual Snow Blower Shovel (Einhell MSF 570)

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