Lifesize Animated Talking Reindeer

Date Published: 11/22/2013 3:41 AM

Lifesize Animated Talking Reindeer Enlarge Image

The lifesize talking reindeer is a realistic accurately sized plush reindeer that talks, sings, annoys, moves its head around like some creepy robot at Chucky Cheese, and is sure to sexually confuse wild deer and hunters. The lifesize talking reindeer can even support ugly fat children up to 150lbs on its back so your offspring can ride it and sing along, until its spine snaps in half. The lifesize animated talking reindeer is lightweight, has a steel frame, is hand painted and airbrushed for detail, and comes with a tag that describes the animals lifestyle, habitat, and mating postitions to teach young children about reindeer. Check out the creepy singing reindeer in action via the video below.

Lifesize Animated Talking Reindeer Lifesize Animated Talking Reindeer Lifesize Animated Talking Reindeer

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