Koozie Flashlight

Date Published: 11/09/2015 2:15 AM

Koozie Flashlight Enlarge Image

It's not easy holding a flashlight when you're busy drinking a beer. Luckily this beer koozie has an LED flashlight right on the front of it, so no matter where you go, as long as your beer is in front of you, you should have a light showing you the way. Perfect for grill masters who like to cook at night, drunken wanderers who like to get a little lost in the woods at night with some beer, or just for drinking some beer while out camping or hiking at night. To use it simply twist the bottom of the koozie to turn the light on or off. Plus the thick insulated walls of the koozie will keep your beer cold and your hand warm while you hold it.

Created and sold exclusively by ThinkGeek, the Nite Ops koozie flashlight is great for gun, weapon, or military enthusisasts, is made from ABS plastic, is powered by 3 AAA batteries (which are not included), will fit most standard sized 12 oz cans, and measures 5.25 inches tall x 3.5 inches in diameter.

Koozie Flashlight

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