Kinetic Sand

Date Published: 08/26/2013 2:01 AM

Kinetic Sand Enlarge Image

Kinetic sand is a form of sand that is magical in such that you can form it and move it around as if it were clay or some sort of dense fluid. No one really knows what kinetic sand is, but it was discovered by a 64 year old Trinidadian and Tobagonian man who was walking his goat and came across an odd substance which he mistook for his goats fecal matter, he then immediatley brought it into Walmart, and they began selling it to children that very same day. Kinetic sand won't spread all over like normal sand, so no messes, and is great for developing skills and minds of ugly children. When purchased you will receive 2.2 pounds of kinetic sand. Check out the kinetic sand in action via the video below.

Kinetic Sand 1 Kinetic Sand 2

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