Jazzy 90s Solo Cup Design T-Shirt

Date Published: 01/22/2015 5:49 AM

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Twas the time of Italian dunkers, the decision to eat barchetta or fiestada pizza, the fish sticks with some mashed taters, the sticks of cheese they called a meal, and the hamburger that just got pulled out of a bin of brown water. We then washed it down using a cup that looked like a vessel that Barney would use to store his baby batter in. Relive the sweet sweet nostalgia of the 90s drinking cup with the design printed on a t-shirt that you can wear around your friends to be hip, clever, and unique. Show your friends that you'll never let go of the past. Finally you have a shirt to cry into at night that will absorb your screams and recognize the pain you went through in your teens.

The jazzy 90s cup t-shirt has the design just on the front of the shirt, or for a few extra bucks you can sling for the premium version which wrap all the way around your body like a true 90s cup (just select the premium version in the size selection dropdown). The 90s cup shirt comes in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL which roughly equates to a big gulp.

Jazzy 90s Cup Design T-Shirt

Jazzy 90s Cup Design T-Shirt

Jazzy 90s Cup Design T-Shirt

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