iPhone Landline Dock Station

Date Published: 09/27/2013 2:01 AM

iPhone Landline Dock Station Enlarge Image

Use your iPhone, Android phone, or any smartphone as a landline with the Pop Desk smartphone landline connection. How it works is simple, just plug your smartphone into the dock, then when you want to make a call, just pick up the handset, and dial the number. When you want to hang up, just hang up the handset and your phone will automatically end the call. With the Pop Desk you can easily charge your phone while its connected to the dock. The handset can also be plugged directly into your smartphone so that you can use the handset on the go, and look like a complete loon using a corded handset while walking down the street. The Native Union Pop desk smartphone landline connection dock is great for clearing space on your desk, making skype or voip calls easier, or just looking like a hipster.

iPhone Landline Dock iPhone Landline Dock iPhone Landline Dock iPhone Landline Dock

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