Hercules Tablet Stand

Date Published: 06/18/2015 2:01 AM (Updated: 06/13/2018 5:41 PM)

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This Hercules iPad holder is a sculptural tablet stand depicting the strongman of Olympus himself. Hercules holds your iPad or tablet at the perfect viewing angle and height so that it's perfect to set on a table to watch a movie or browse the internet while you're hands free. Unless you have the iPad air, your tablet can get a little heavy and be a little rough on the arms if you're constantly holding it out in front of you, so let Hercules do all the heavy lifting while you sit back and enjoy watching the movie Hercules. Plus he's wearing a loin cloth, so at least there's that...

Versions: Man | Women

The Hercules statue iPad stand was designed and created by Eaton London, a obviously London based company that specializes in finely crafted sculptural designs for the home and office, who's also the creator of the Venus of Cupertino, or in layman's terms, the large naked lady iPad dock.

Hercules iPad Stand

The Hercules XIII iPad holder is hand-cast in museum quality resin, designed by Scott Eaton, is compatible with any sized tablet, be it Android or iPad, with any version, in both landscape and portrait mode, and comes in two different colors to choose from: slate grey, and matte white.

Hercules iPad Stand

Hercules iPad Stand

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