Goji Smart Door Lock

Date Published: 06/05/2013 6:02 AM

Goji Smart Door Lock Enlarge Image

The Goji Smart Lock is a door lock that you can lock and unlock using your smart phone from anywhere in the world and will greet you by name as you come through the door. When you are not home, Goji will send pictures to your phone of anyone that comes to your door, you can also set up Goji to unlock as you aproach the door without having to even get out your phone, and then it will relock the door as you close it. What a shame it is that you will never get a picture message of people coming to your door, this is when having friends comes in handy. Check out the video below for more information, or go to their IndieGogo page to help fund this product.

Goji Smart Phone Door Lock 1 Goji Smart Phone Door Lock 2 Goji Smart Phone Door Lock 3 Goji Smart Phone Door Lock 4

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