Giant Tack Beach Chairs

Date Published: 08/26/2013 6:01 AM

Giant Tack Beach Chairs Enlarge Image

The giant tack beach chairs are chairs that you can stick into the sand at the beach that resemble a giant tack. Easy to carry and store, the giant tack beach chairs are stackable with other tack chairs using the giant hole in the middle, and easy to pull out of the sand using the hand grips on the side. The giant tack chair also doubles as a mobile toilet. Using the giant hole in the middle of the chair, just stab the tack chair into the ground, do your business, and the excrements will be left underground in the sand, and no one will be the wiser, that is unless they see your pants around your ankles. The giant tack chair and bench are just concepts for now, but hopefully they will come to fruition someday soon.

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