Giant Chess Board

Date Published: 03/19/2014 9:38 AM

Giant Chess Board Enlarge Image

The giant chess board is played on a huge 10 foot  x 10 foot mat, and is great for playing out in the yard and schooling your stupid ugly children in chess. Show your 6 year old who's smarter while you castle, pin, and checkmate your way above them and leave them crying in the corner near a8. The giant chess pieces are strong, durable, beautifully crafted, and stand 24 inches high (the tallest piece), and if you are more into checkers, you can use these giant checker pieces to use on the huge black and white mat. If you are into giant games, you can also check out giant connect 4, giant inflatable ring toss, or the giant game of twister.

Giant Chess Game Giant Chess Game Giant Chess Game

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