Giant Boxing Glove Bean Bag Chair

Date Published: 09/03/2014 8:51 AM

Giant Boxing Glove Bean Bag Chair Enlarge Image

The Boxing Glove Bean Bag Chair is a giant bean bag chair that is made to look exactly like a boxing glove. Made from genuine cow leather, the boxing glove chair is perfect for boxing lovers, boxers, or people who just love giant unique bean bag chairs that take up half of their room, plus the thumb of the glove will serve as a perfect pillow while you watch the fight. The giant boxing glove chair ships with no beans in it to save on shipping cost, so you'll have to find your own beans to fill it up with, it's handmade, measures 35 inches tall, and is brown in color. Also, it's one of kind as there is only 1 available, so buy quick before it's gone.
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