Gas Burner Grill Protectors

Date Published: 07/09/2013 6:02 AM

Gas Burner Grill Protectors Enlarge Image

Can we all agree that cleaning a gas stove is the worst chore in the world, no matter how hard you scrub, that splattered spaghetti sauce from 7 months ago never seems to come off. Who makes a stove top white anyway? Why wouldn't they just make it the same color as tomato sauce? None-the-less, the stove top protectors are 100% non-stick and can be cleaned up with one swipe of the sponge, they are re-usable, and come in a set of four that can be cut to fit your stove top burners.

Gas Burner Grill Protectors 1 Gas Burner Grill Protectors 2

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