Full Body Bumper Balls

Date Published: 09/23/2013 1:59 PM

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These full body bumper balls are essentially fat suits that you can wear to fully protect your body so you can smash into each other while running at full speed without breaking every bone in your body. Well, everything except your head, which is arguable the most important part of your body. Perfect for kids to smash into each other, smash into trees, jump off your house, or simply run into a wall at full speed, these full body bumper balls are sure to (probably, no promises) protect your frail body from being destroyed while you run around and look like an idiot. Warning, similar to a turtle, it might be a bit tough to get up after you fall on your back.

The full body bumper balls are safe for children aged 6 and up, are blue in color, are sold individually, and measure 36 inches in diameter. For the longest-lasting fun, be sure not to over-inflate the balls. Adult super-vision is recommended.

Full Body Bumper Balls

Check out the full body bumper balls in action via the video below.

Full Body Bumper Balls

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