Flip Down Analog Hand Clock

Date Published: 07/22/2013 6:01 AM

Flip Down Analog Hand Clock Enlarge Image

The Analog Dial Flip Clock, is a flip down clock that instead of displaying numbers to tell the time, displays the time with analog hands that change times every 15 minutes, and has a very minimalistic approach to telling time. The flip down analog clock is great for people who like flip clocks but want less flip sounds per hour, so instead of getting 60 flips per hour, you will only get 4, so if you have a dog like I do that barks at every single sound it hears, this will make your life just a bit easier. The analog flip clock has white hour hands on top of black panels, requires 2 C batteries, and 8.25" x 9" x "4.25", and weights 2.25lbs.

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