Emotional Rubber Stamps: Change Emotions With Where You Squeeze

Date Published: 07/10/2015 2:01 AM

Emotional Rubber Stamps: Change Emotions With Where You Squeeze Enlarge Image

These emotional rubber stamps are a set of long rubber stamps that allow you to make different emotional faces depending on how you squeeze it. By default the end of the stamp is a smiley face, but if you push in on the mouth you get a frowning face, or if you push in from the side you get a confused look, etc... No longer will you be forced to use the smileys that society has forced upon you within a cookie cutter set of emotions. If you want to give a smiley that represents your emotion of melancholy, remorseful, or antagonistic, you can surely do just that if you can figure out which way to squeeze this tube to portray that particular emotion.

Your boss just sent you a memo stating they will no longer be providing health care to their employees? Give the memo a stamp of scornfullness. You just receieved a letter from a woman that says shes given birth to your illegitimate child? Stamp the letter as doubtful. No matter your emotion, you'll never have a smiley face that won't be able to represent it on paper.

Emotional Rubber Smiley Stamps

The emotional rubber stamp set is made in Japan, comes in Japanese packaging, comes in a set of 3 different colors: blue, red, and brown, comes in a plastic case to prevent unwanted stampings, and each stamp measures 2 inches tall x 1 inch in diameter.

Emotional Rubber Smiley Stamps

Emotional Rubber Smiley Stamps

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