This Easy Leaf Loader Is a Must Have Tool This Fall

By Ryan on 08/12/2021 10:21 AM

This Easy Leaf Loader Is a Must Have Tool This Fall

Raking leaves is a torturous, terrible chore that, for me, is usually left until Spring and I get to rake up wet, disgusting, dog poop filled leaves, only to reveal a hideous mixture of mush, and death that was once called a lawn. But on the plus side, it makes mowing the lawn a lot easier since the only thing that's left is dirt and weeds.

The Leaf Loader Lawn Clean-Up Helper will cut your leaf bagging times down to a minute per bag. It works by just raking the leaves onto the leaf loader, curling it up, and then dumping it straight into a bag.

Easy Leaf Bag Loader 1

The Leaf Loader is fully adjustable to fit into any can, bin, or bag, and features a waterproof canvas, quick-grip handles, and an adjustable strap

Easy Leaf Bag Loader 2

Easy Leaf Bag Loader 3

Easy Leaf Bag Loader 4

Easy Leaf Bag Loader 5

Easy Leaf Bag Loader 6

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