Dual Light Walking Flashlight

Date Published: 01/15/2014 3:07 AM

Dual Light Walking Flashlight Enlarge Image

The dual light walking flashlight is a flashlight that has two lights on it, one of which shines forward to see where you are going, and one that shines downward so you can see where you are walking, assuming you are walking in a deep forest, and you need to watch out for stumps, logs, and dead bodies to step over. The dual flashlight has 4 super bright LEDs that shine forward, and two LEDs that shine downward, has a battery that last up to 30+ hours, and has an on/off switch that that lets you use the lights independently. Check out the dual light walking flashlight in action via the video below.

Nightlighter Dual Flashlight Nightlighter Dual Flashlight

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