Donnie Darko Frank Slippers

Date Published: 01/08/2016 10:14 AM

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Donnie Darko, the classic 2001 movie starring a young Jake Gyllenhaal that no one actually understands what is happening. Yet, everyone pretends to know just what's going on and that it's simply a masterpiece. Maybe if you were more into movies like me you'd just get it, you mindless plebs just aren't a movie buff like I am. The Frank Slippers are a set of slippers that look like the weird Frank monster thing from the movie that only Donnie can see, and are a sure-fire way to let everyone around you know how much you understand Donnie Darko and how much you enjoy quality cinema that makes you think rather than mindless action-packed movies directed by Michael Bay with unecessary explosions like the peasants around you enjoy watching.

The Donnie Darko Frank Slippers are made from cozy plush material, are super soft, are one size fits all (up to a men's 10.5), and eah slipper measures approximately 11.8 inches long x 9,4 inches tall x 7 inches wide.

Donnie Darko Frank Slippers

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