Move Over Cheese Balls, Cotton Candy Balls Are Here To Take Over

Date Published: 11/22/2019 9:29 AM

Move Over Cheese Balls, Cotton Candy Balls Are Here To Take Over Enlarge Image

We've all been there, after taking down about a half-tub of cheese balls and trying to look at yourself in the mirror without crying tears of regret and pure disappointment in yourself. Well now you can experience this even more often now that these cotton candy balls exist. It's a new form of cheese balls, except they taste just like little balls made from actual cotton candy. If you love nothing more than a nice fake ball of chemical-induced flavors with no nutritional value within a mile of it, and happen to love cotton candy just a little too much, this giant tub of cotton candy balls might be for you.

The egregious snack actually came out a few years ago, but just recently became available in giant-tub form, which us Americans just can't get enough of (see: giant tub of Nutella for reference). Instagram account @snackbetch found the giant tub of cotton candy balls at a local BigLots store, and purchase online for store pickup on their website.

Sure to turn your mouth and tongue blue, the cotton candy balls come in either a 15 oz tub at Biglots, or an even bigger version on Amazon that's an 18 oz tub. The 15 oz tub contains around 650 cotton candy balls, which should last you at least 10-20 minutes before you're elbow deep, scraping the bottom of the barrel both figuratively and literally.

If you've had enough stomach aches after devouring a giant tub of cheese balls, be rest assured that you can now injure your organs and overall well-being in a whole new fashion with a giant tub of cotton candy balls.

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So cotton candy balls are a thing... #cottoncandy #cottoncandyballs

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