City Map Dinner Plates

Date Published: 04/11/2014 8:11 AM

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The city map plates are a set of 4 dinner plates that have images of city maps on them including these 4 cities: Chicago, Mumbai, Montreal, and Paris. So when you are eating deep dish pizza use the Chicago plate, when you are eating baguettes use the Paris plate, when you are eating maple syrup use the Montreal plate, and when you are eating some spicy curry, put your bowl on top of the Mumbai plate. The city map plates come in a larger plate collection with 28 different cities that you can choose from, so you are not stuck with these 4 cities, as there are many different sets of cities you can purchase, or you can purchase individual plates for $50 each. The plates measure 12 inches in diameter, and are made from porcelain. View all plate collections here.

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