Cigarette Butt Magnets

Date Published: 08/05/2013 10:01 AM

Cigarette Butt Magnets Enlarge Image

Give your home that classy touch with the cigarette butt magnets, which are magnets that resemble a cigarette butt that you can use to have crap on your refrigerator. Did your child get a B- on their spelling test? Hang it on the fridge with a burnt cigarette, cousin Charles sent an engagement card to you? Hang it on the fridge with a used cigarette butt in the middle of his forehead. The cigarette butt magnets come in a pack of 3 and use extra strong magnets so that the crap on your fridge will never fall down.

Cigarette Butt Magnets 1 Cigarette Butt Magnets 2 Cigarette Butt Magnets 3

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