Chainmail Drink Koozie

Date Published: 07/23/2015 8:19 AM

Chainmail Drink Koozie Enlarge Image

Protect your beer from the savages at bay with the strength of cold hard steel aluminum with this chainmail drink koozie. Not only will you protect your beer from swords, knives, and stray bullets that may come its way, but you'll also keep your hand warm while you're holding your beer, which in turn keeps your beer cold which is the most important part. Made from anodized aluminum along with a strip of rubber that runs across the top to keep the chainmail fastened, the chainmail drink koozie will protect your drink from any savage barbarian that might attempt to wound or impair your beer while at a party or a gathering of humans.

The chainmail drink protector is easiest applied by tipping your drink upside down before you open and letting gravity ease the chainmail protectant onto your drink. The chainmail koozie sleeve fits on any standard sized can or bottle, weighs 3 oz, and measures 4.5 inches tall x 7.5 inches in circumference.

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