CENTR: An Action Cam With 360 Degree Video

Date Published: 05/05/2014 5:46 AM

CENTR: An Action Cam With 360 Degree Video Enlarge Image

Developed by former Apple employees, the CENTR is an action video camera that can capture 360 degree real-time panoramic video that fits in the palm of your hand. No longer will you need to setup 10 different cameras to capture yourself getting hit in the nuts, breaking your leg on your snowboard, or snapping your neck in that backyard wrestling match, just setup the CENTR where it will have a view of everything, and get to failing at your activity. The CENTR 360 degree action cam has a splash-proof enclosure, has an integrated digital bubble level to keep it aligned correctly, is compatible with tripods and GoPro mounts, shoots up to 4K video resolution, has time-lapse capabilities, and even lets you select individual cameras when you don't want to shoot in 360 degrees. The CENTR is still in a funding phase on Kickstarter, so go reserve yours now, and be sure to check out a video of the camera in action via the video below.

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