This Cork Steamboat Is Powered By A Candle

Date Published: 08/25/2015 4:33 AM

This Cork Steamboat Is Powered By A Candle Enlarge Image

This cork boat has a candle on it that heats up a coil that makes the little boat move forward and is a great way to teach kids about the science behind a pulsed motor. Using no pistons, valves, or wheels, the cork steamboat uses only a tea candle and a brass coil to move along the water. The flame on the tea candle heats the coil up, which in turn heats the water inside the coil to a boiling point which turns the water into steam and expels it from the bottom. When the cork steamboat expels the steam, it needs to take in more water to fill the coil, which makes the boat move forward. It's by no means a speed boat, but it moves forward none-the-less.

The candle powered steamboat is made from untreated cork along with a brass coil, the motor is made from Carolina Pine, comes with two tea candles, a pipette, and a user guide, and is safe for ages 6 and up. The tea candle steamboat is made in Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany, the motor is able to be turned to move in direction, and the boat measures 6.7 inches long x 3 inches wide x 3 inches tall.

candle powered cork steamboat

candle powered cork steamboat

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