This Wall Sconce Looks Like A Bulldog Ate Your Lights

By Ryan on 08/29/2019 2:39 PM

This Wall Sconce Looks Like A Bulldog Ate Your Lights

If you're looking for a stylish yet fun way to let your guests know how much you like dogs - or specifically how much you like Bulldogs, this is the perfect light for you! It features the bust of a traditional English Bulldog, ironically named Amsterdam, and it looks like he has been behaving very badly...he has somehow managed to get three light bulbs and their pendant strings caught in his tough jowls. And even though the strings are bitten off and frayed a bit, the lights still magically work.

This bulldog of a sconce is flush mounted so it truly looks like a bust of a bulldog is poking his head out of your wall - cheeky boy!

Bulldog Wall Sconce

If you decide to bring this good boy home, it will be the most well-behaved puppy you've ever met - he just needs good light to flourish, no food or water required.

Bulldog Wall Sconce

How Big Is This Bulldog Light?

The diameter of this sconce is about 17.7 inches wide and about 9.8 inches deep so it's sure to make a statement no matter this good boy's final resting place. 

Bulldog Wall Sconce

What Color Options Are Available For This Bulldog Light?

This beastly bust comes in black and white ceramic options.

Bulldog Wall Sconce

Interested In Other Animal Sconces?

If bulldogs aren't your jam, you can also get these lights with a gorilla bust.

White Gorilla

Black Gorilla

Gorilla Wall Sconce

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