Brazilian Back Hair Removal Cape

Date Published: 02/04/2014 5:47 AM

Brazilian Back Hair Removal Cape Enlarge Image

Are you one of those unfortunate individuals that was born with Hairy Walrus Syndrome? Are you sick of being laughed at while at the beach? Not only because of your man boobs, but because of the ungodly amount of back hair you have, it looks like you're wearing a sweater to the beach. Don't want to use the Do It Yourself Electric Back Shaver? Well the Brazilian Back is a do it yourself back hair removal process that lets you simply wash away the hair by simply applying a cream to a cape and wearing it for a few minutes. Who doesn't like wearing capes? After you remove your cape, simply shower the cream off of your back and the hair will fall off and stay off for much longer than it would have if you just shaved it. The Brazilian Back hair removal process takes just 6 - 8 minutes, and should not be applied to anywhere besides your back.

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