Bionic Wrench Grips From All Sides and Fits Any Size

By Ryan on 11/09/2016 6:33 AM (Updated: 04/07/2017 3:26 PM)

Bionic Wrench Grips From All Sides and Fits Any Size

With most wrenches, you run the risk of stripping the bolt when you attempt tighten or untighten it since you're not applying pressure to more than 2 sides at a time. This Bionic wrench allows you to grip every side of the nut/bolt so that each side has an equal amount of pressure applied. Plus it's much easier to use to loosen up tight bolts.

To use the Bionic Wrench, simply squeeze it around any nut or bolt, and each of the six clamps will come down and fasten around each side of it. The harder you squeeze the wrench, the harder those clamps will be fastened on the bolt. To release the clamps, just release your grip on the handle.

The 16-in-1 wrench replaces pretty much any wrench set you might have, as it is completely adjustable for 16 different wrench sizes. By being opened and closed, the Bionic Wrench can cover wrench sizes from 7/16 to 3/4-inch as well as from 11 to 20 mm.

The winner of the 2005 Popular Mechanics Editors Choice Award, the Bionic Wrench comes in both a 8 inch and 6 inch model, has a soft rubber handle for extra comfort, is made in the USA from hardened steel laminate with a black oxide coating, and weighs 0.75 lbs.

Check out the 16-in-1 Bionic Wrench in action via the video below.

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